Hungary, Slovakia to build bridge across Ipoly


The river Ipoly Photo: MTI/Tamás Deák

The river Ipoly
Photo: MTI/Tamás Deák


Representatives of the Hungarian and Slovak governments signed an agreement on building a new bridge across the river Ipoly between Drégelypalánk in Hungary and Ipel’ske Predmostie (Ipolyhídvég) in Slovakia, on Tuesday.


László Palkovics, Hungary’s minister of innovation and technology, said the agreement was the fourth bilateral accord to be signed over the past year on building bridges along a 250-kilometre section of the Ipoly, a part of the border between the two countries.


Árpád Érsek, the Slovak transport and construction minister, said that the new bridge would be completed by the spring of 2020.


The EU’s Interreg Programme in April 2018 provided funding for four bridges to develop local road connections between Hungary and Slovakia.