Four Roman Limes countries complete joint application for World Heritage site listing


Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia have completed the documentation of their joint application for listing as UNESCO World Heritage site the remains of the one-time Roman Empire's border line, the Limes, the prime minister's office told MTI.

The Hungarian section running along the Danube river is represented by 65 locations including two legionary camps, several watch towers and other military facilities, civilian settlements and roads.

Following years of negotiations with the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the ten European countries affected by the Roman Limes project prepared a complex documentation and study of the full 6,500-kilometre border of the Roman Empire, which the World Heritage Committee approved at its Cracow meeting in July this year.

Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany have merged their separate applications at the proposal of the ICOMOS.

Hungary will submit the final application in January 2018 on behalf of its partner countries, too.